New Cath Lab Brings New Procedures

NorthBay Medical Center opened its second cardiac catheterization lab in August 2013, more than doubling cardiologists’ ability to treat patients with heart problems.

New procedures, new equipment and additional staff, representing a $5 million investment, has increased the efficiency of non-invasive cardiology services, a part of the NorthBay Heart & Vascular Center. The new lab is specifically focused on cardiac interventions, while the older lab handles both cardiac and vascular procedures.

That means staff and physicians have more flexibility when an emergency case arrives.

With this new lab, NorthBay physicians are now “stenting” or opening chronic coronary artery occlusions, a condition that exists when an artery has been blocked with plaque longer than three months.

Another new tool is the Impella catheter that has a tiny pump at one end. The catheter is guided to the heart from the groin. It can pull up to four liters of blood per minute from the left ventricle and deliver it into the patient’s ascending aorta for circulation throughout the body. It is a way to ease the burden on the heart while doctors address significant issues such as heart failure, heart attack or cardiogenic shock.

In addition, the newly formed Cardiovascular Medicine, a NorthBay Affiliate, includes Drs. Milind Dhond, Cyrus Mancherje and Jeffery Breneisen. Working with their team of nurses and cardiovascular radiology techs, the trio provides state-of-the-art cardiac care.