Coaching Lifts Safety Record

Lift Coach

In 2012, the state of California passed AB 1136, the Hospital Patient and Health Care Worker Injury Protection Act and gave hospitals until 2014 to establish programs to protect workers from injury. In response, NorthBay Healthcare contracted with Atlas Lift Tech, Inc., a Bay Area firm dedicated to promoting safety in healthcare settings.

In January 2013, “lift coaches” — medically trained teams responsible for safely lifting, moving, repositioning and transferring patients, from admission to discharge — took to the floors of NorthBay Healthcare’s two hospitals.

A new approach was needed to address a critical issue: Nurses and other hands-on caregivers were at the top of the list of those involved in work-related injuries. Most were associated with lifting and moving patients. And associated costs were soaring.

In 2013, the severity of injuries, and the cost of those injuries, decreased a dramatic 74 percent, compared to the previous year.