NorthBay Pride Soaring

Pride in their work and a sincere sense of camaraderie are two reasons why nearly nine of every 10 NorthBay employees agree with the statement: "Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work."

Results of the 2013 Best Place to Work survey show NorthBay Healthcare is within striking distance of earning a spot on the coveted Forbes magazine Top 100 list of the best places to work in America.

In fact, 88 percent of the 1,321 employees surveyed said, "I want to work here for a long time." For the top 100 Best Places to Work hospitals in America, the average is 89 percent of the workforce.

So noted Ken McCollum, vice president of Human Resources, "It underscores the real pride folks have in the work they do here."  

The Best Place to Work Trust Index Survey was administered, scored and analyzed by the independent Great Place to Work Institute. Employees could reply anonymously to ensure candid responses.

In the areas of pride and camaraderie, NorthBay employees ranked the organization highest. Fairness and credibility were not far behind, followed by respect.

NorthBay employees are excited about improvements in programs and facilities in the recent past, but when some look at their day-to-day work experience they see big challenges ahead, including handling the growth in patient volume and the new complexity of health care.

NorthBay surveyed its employees for the third time in 2013, learning new ways to make the organization an even better place to work. Previous surveys resulted in major improvements to safety and security on the Fairfield hospital campus, the establishment of a well-developed rewards and recognition program for staff throughout the organization and the addition of new benefits, including concierge services for workers on site and the addition of back-up care for children and elders.

Work has already begun on addressing concerns expressed in the 2013 survey in a variety of ways:

The Cafeteria

After survey results showed an overwhelming cry for improvements at the NorthBay Medical Center café, a committee was formed to plan major improvements, which include a complete redesign at NorthBay Medical Center, longer hours at both hospital cafes and a new payment system that may include payroll deduction and pay cards for employees.

Rewards and Recognition

Soon after the first survey was conducted, efforts focused on increasing the appreciation our employees deserve for their extraordinary performance. The Living NorthBay recognition program made its debut.

Better Benefits

Though employees did not identify their salary or pay as a significant issue, they did spur some improvements in benefits, including concierge services for workers on site and the addition of back-up child and elder care for employees. A Healthy Roads employee wellness program also was established.

Professional Development

Because of survey feedback, more professional development training programs and tools are being drafted through Human Resources. A Career Portal was developed offering career advice and updated training topics.