Neuroscience: New Era for NorthBay

Another in the long list of “firsts” that NorthBay Healthcare has brought to Solano County, the Center for Neuroscience opened for business in 2013.

Jeffrey Dembner, M.D., arrived and promptly went to work serving as the medical director and architect of a program that includes a team of neurosurgeons who respond to head, neck and spine injuries.

It is not the first time neurosurgery has been performed by a NorthBay physician. In fact, Dr. Mary Mancini first opened her practice in NorthBay Medical Center in 1986, fresh from her residency. She retired two decades ago, but still serves on the NorthBay Healthcare system board of directors.

Just weeks after Dr. Dembner’s arrival, NorthBay celebrated the opening of a seventh surgical suite in the Fairfield hospital. It represents a $6.1 million investment.

State-of-the-art technology is necessary because brain surgery is among the most sophisticated tasks performed by a surgical team. The sparkling new surgery suite opened to much fanfare in June, ready for everything from exacting brain and spine surgery to orthopedic repair.

There are five, big-screen monitors floating overhead, so if the physician uses the surgical microscope, not only can microsurgery be performed, but the team can follow the progress and anticipate the next steps.

“All this reflects NorthBay’s foresight and commitment to provide the safest, most cutting-edge and most comprehensive neurosurgery services to the communities of Solano County and beyond,” said Dr. Dembner.

The Center for Neuroscience covers more than brain surgery. Dr. Dembner also deals with spine and skeletal issues. He is trained and experienced to treat head and brain disorders, including tumors, aneurysms, vascular malformations, hydrocephalus and head trauma.

A comprehensive, patient-focused Center for Neuroscience means Solano County patients no longer must travel to the Bay Area or Sacramento for complicated neurosurgeries.